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NEWS - 10/17/17

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Our visual story, reimagined...


We are excited to announce that Springside Cheese is evolving it's look. Below is a look inside the process. Thank you for joining us on this journey!


Our new logo presents a simplified visual representation that blends the vintage, elegant and natural styles of the Springside brand. The addition of “artisan” to our name reinforces the sophistication of Springside’s hand-crafted cheeses. The twig leaves hold several meanings. The entire branch links our future introduction of product lines that focus on organic, artisan cheeses and the company’s ongoing growth and expansion plans. The leaves honor our family’s century long cheese making tradition passed down across four generations.

We are excited to release our new logo in order to develop our brand and connections with you. Our passion and commitment for quality in our cheese production and customer engagement is a top priority. Our new logo is a greater representation of that.

Over the coming weeks, we will gradually integrate the new logo and brand story into our collaterals, store signage and social media as well as a new website.


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